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What I do • Data Science Storytelling

What I do

Saving good people from bad data projects.

Data Visualization Workshop

I design and give workshops for scientists on several topics in the area of Data Science, Data Visualization, Communication and Storytelling.

Scientific Comics

I love the to tell stories with data. If you have some idea for a story or even data you want to have a story told with, don't hesitate to contact me.

Consulting & Service

As a freelancer I'm excited to be part of different data-based projects. I can help from conception of the analysis strategy to the presentation of your data.

What clients say

Feedback from the workshops

Group Leader

DataVis [2018]

"I enthusiastically recommend this course. I found out that I was representing several types of data incorrectly and I learnt the best ways to represent them. It has definitely helped to improve my scientific rigor. I wish I had taken a course like this one earlier in my career!"


DataVis [2018]

"DataVis and Storytelling course prompted me to think over not only the style and aesthetics of my graphs and presentation, but also to get in my attendees position. Now I know what I didn't do and what I did do correctly and I can show and transmit my story more effectively."


DataVis [2018]

"I enjoyed the interactive nature of this course. The course emphasized on the importance of good graphics designs and how to tell intriguing scientific stories, that we as researchers, know subconsciously but do not prioritize while presenting our science to others."

PhD Student

DataVis [2018]

I loved the Data Visualization and Storytelling course. It was very interesting and dynamic. I got some very valuable concepts that will for sure help me on my scientific career.

Group Leader

DataVis [2017]

"I really enjoyed it [the course] and learned a lot. More and more I'm finding that being able to tell a good story with strong visual support is (a) necessary to communicate our science well and (b) has a clear impact on where our findings can be considered for publication."

PhD Student

DataVis [2018]

The course was fun along with the sense of understanding of data and apart from that it was a great team event and a platform to understand the difficulties people face while presenting their data story.

This is me

I'm Paula

I'm Paula

Molecular biotechnologist by education, data scientist by current profession, data visualization and communication instructor by feeling the great need to improve these skills in the world of science and data science.


Data Stories coming soon!